Do Wishes Come True?

Something in my dreams last night left me unsettled, unsure, wondering if all the things I wish for are just there to rattle around in my head (or my heart) and remind me I'm alive. In fact, that was my first thought upon waking up: Will my wishes come true?

 I immediately sat down at my computer and typed in the phrase: 



#1 wishes do come true but not by themselves. you have to help them come true u cant just make a wish and sit back to see it come true it won't work that way. blessed be.

#2 I think that wishes can come true but you have to put in a little work to get it going towards the right direction.. Think of the wish that you want and try to think of some small things you can do to make your wish come true.. A little bit of help can go a long ways.. I believe that good things come to those who deserve them.

I do have a wish list – a secret, intense and beautiful list of feelings, hopes, desire and most of all, dreams. I have so many wishes, sometimes I think I should edit them, put them in some sortable, alphabetical order. My Capricorn self loves order and those who know me know I am big on lists anyway. But in the end, what does it matter how I order them, or if they change along the way?

I'm getting older and each day I pay more attention to them -- much more attention then I ever did when I was younger. Now the small moments matter, they mean something. And as the years pass by, I don't really think my wish list gets any longer. In some cases, it has gotten shorter. I've already been blessed to have a few wishes come true. I hope there's no quota to the amount of wishes we are granted, because there are a few more that I am holding tightly to. 

There is one wish in particular that I take out at night, in those moments just before sleep. I dust it off, and look at it carefully from all angles. It's not a perfect wish, but it's close. Like worn sea glass in my hand, it once was sharper, bolder even, but in the last few years, it's taken a beating. Like sea glass, the pounding waves of my life have made it more beautiful, and more unique. More special to me. 

On my desk, I have a dish full of sea shells and sea glass that I have picked up along the way. I like to believe that dish holds my wishes. As I work during the day, I can be reminded that what will be, will be. Que Sera Sera.


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