Oops. I Did It Again...

I have never considered myself a particularly clumsy person. Sure, I sometimes bang my funny bone (and it's really never that funny) or stub my toe, but who doesn't?

Bear with me, this blog is actually going somewhere.

This past summer, I've injured myself more than I think possibly since the summer of my 12th year when I was very into climbing trees (and not so into climbing down them).

Here's a list of my summer's injuries:

1. Banged RIGHT temple so hard on the corner of the kitchen cabinet I nearly passed out.

2. Have this really strange bump on the top of my RIGHT hand that even my dermatologist is a little perplexed about. My doc. isn't worried, he's just perplexed.

3. I fell this summer trying to rescue an empty kayak floating down river after a particularly strong thunderstorm. (Okay everyone you can stop laughing.) My RIGHT knee and RIGHT calf were scraped up so badly they still have not healed completely after like 2 months. In that same accident, I also lost my toenail on my fourth toe on my RIGHT foot. I know gross, but bear with me, I am making a point here and you need all the details.

4. Saturday while washing my car at my parent's home in CT, I slipped on the concrete of the garage floor. (I agree it's not smart to wash cars with flip-flops, so don't lecture me on this one). My RIGHT big toe got caught in the pavement and let's just say I nearly tore off the top of my big toe, including the toenail. 

Is anyone else noticing a pattern? For the past 3 months at least, I've noticed that not only are the ordinary bumps and bruises occurring on my right side, but I'm also having a rash of accidents, all injuring me on my right side.

Yes, I know, I'm getting old and old people fall more. My 75 year old father told me yesterday that he thought I need the medical alert more than him. Not funny.

So I did what I always do... HELLO GOOGLE.

It seems that in ancient Chinese medicine, the body is broken down into the left and right side. The left side typically relates to Qi or energy. The concept of Qi (pronounced Chee) is often translated into energy Life Force. The left side of the body typically relates to energy and the right side to the blood. To look at it a different way, the Yang is the right side and the Yin is the left side of the body.

So, my 10 minutes on Google taught me that:
A) my energy is fine but my blood is bad.
B) I've got some serious Yang problems.
C) no one else in the Google universe seems to be entering in search terms like "why do I keep injuring my right side."
D) I really need to make an appointment with my acupuncturist. I bet she doesn't get this every day. 

Perplexing. I'll keep you all posted!


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When you got run over by the boss last year did you you break your left or right buttock cheek?


Hmm, Good question. I think it was my left ankle!


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